Mustard Oil

Mustard oil has distinctive pungent taste characteristics of all plants in the mustard Family. It is often used for cooking in North India , Eastern India , Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. In Bengal ,Orissa, Assam,Meghalaya , Manipur It is traditionally preferred for cooking. The oil makes up about 30% of Mustard Seeds.

Mustard oil is due to isothyocynate .Mustard oil has more than 60% of Mono saturated Fats. It has about 60% mono saturated fats.It has about 21% Poly Unsaturated fats (6% Omega,15%Omega 6 Lineolic acid and 12 % Saturated fats). We at the Navkar Agro process with the use of best crop and well experienced and qualified staff give the best mustard oil that is used for Human Consumption.

NOTE: We are able to provide mustard oil in loose as well as in following packing.(15 kg TIN, 15 LTR TIN,5 ltr Jerry can , 2 Ltr Jerry Can , 1 ltr bottle, 500 ml bottle,200 ml bottle .)