Few Words About Our Unit

Navkar agro process is unit with a motto to provide best quality goods to consumer at a competent price. Its dreams to expands as a 60 tons production unit by 2021. It also focused on to become the largest supplier of HPS peanut to worldwide customers. Secondly, we are engaged with MAKE IN INDIA, SKILL INDIA project. We are today providing employment to 20 persons targeted to give employment to 200 employees.


Step 1

Good Quality Crop Acquisition Navkar Agro Process with its qualified and determined staff consider its all purchase from local APMC ( Agriculture Produce Market Committee ). In this by seeing quality of goods from farmer firm buys its all produce through Auction Process. The best Quality goods which have higher yield will get best price. While doing acquisition of goods we will focus on quality of seeds, Sand and gravel in it will separated by us for further process.

Step 2

Seed Cleaning and Decorating Process When goods came to our place it will prioritized to be clean to remove impurities like sand, small stones, small branches of tree etc. Thereafter it will be send to decorator to be opened. In groundnut seeds the husk is near to 28% of volume in it the 20% of total volume is to be send So he husk separate side and the remaining 7-8 % of husk is mix with a seeds to get a proper texture of groundnut oil Cake.

Step 3

Final crushing The decorated seed with help of conveyor and elevator it will be send to kettle of machine. With help of pure water steam the seed gets normal heated and the seeds are now ready to be crushed in expelled. The crushing process will now divided goods into two parts i.e Oil and Cake. Cake is used for re-crush and then packed in customer required packaging. While the oil is filtered and can be packed in consumer packaging.


Total Products

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Total Products

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Groundnut Seeds: Aflatoxin level is less as compared to old crop this will enabled to supply more in International Level.

Groundnut Oil: FFA level must be controlled such that it doesn’t harm human body .It is purely controlled with this objective.

Groundnut cake: FFA, MOisture,Oil ,Albuminoids level are properly maintain so that it doesnt harm the Animals

Mustard seeds: FFA level must be contolled form so that it doesn’t show any effect to Final product.


Organic manure

Groundnut oil

Mustard Oil